Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tips on Saving:

1. Buy what is needed first. Save money, and if you have enough, you can buy something else  you want for pleasure or fun.

Some people believe in "enjoying" their lives. They spend, spend, spend, and spend. Some of you believe afterall that is why you work. You would like to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is understandable. As long as you know you have enough money to pay for your first priorities (Food, Housing, Clothing, and Health), that is fine. Many people, though, don't even bother to check whether they can afford those leisure spending. It is not much afterall. Only what is not much can be a lot in total if you do it often enough.

What is the point of spending money until you're broke and then don't have any money left when you need it for something that is more important? It doesn't make sense to get it by borrowing money and then pay extra for the interest, if only you can just wait before spending it on something that is less important.

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