Wednesday, December 31, 2014


- Avoid borrowing from your credit card or bank if it is not really necessary. Especially for buying things that are not necessary and beyond your budget.  I understand the joy of shopping, but it comes with a price and it can be addictive too! It is a bad habit that can be dangerous especially when you spend with the money you don't have.

- Consider before buying anything. I always ask myself: do I really need this? Am I going to use or wear it? If the answer is not definite yes, I won't buy it.

- Keep all the receipts and take notes of how much you have spent. Checking your expense every week is better than every month because if you overspend, you can stop it while it is still under control.

 - Put aside some money every month however little it is.

- Set a budget of your expense. Setting a limit of how much you spend for food, clothes, mortgage, gas, etc is important.

- Read your bill and set auto bill pay to pay off your credit a few days before the credit is due.

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