Monday, December 29, 2014

5. Get what you need from thrift store(s), donation,  friends/neighbors or swap. 

The first good reason for doing it is reusing whatever it is that is still good to be used and save those that otherwise got thrown away and fill up the waste mountain. However you need to be selective, get good quality of clothes and product. Household stuff can be very useful too. The fun thing of shopping at a thrift store is you can find all various kinds of style. As a person with small size body, it's easier to find the right size at a thrift store rather than at a commercial dept store. especially in America where many people are commonly big.

The second good reason is if you are bored with your clothes, or if your clothes get stained or damaged, you won't feel so bad to toss it away because you didn't pay so much for it in the first place.

You might also want to watch out for some stuff put out (for recycle) by your neighbor(s) or other people (in the neighborhoods). Many people put out what they don't need in their front public lawn (many with a note that it's free -- that means anyone can take it). A dresser, an air conditioning unit, a humidifier, or even a table or a kettle. Many are still nice, some you can fix and make them like new again. It might not feel like much, but if you don't need to buy for many things you need, you can save quite a lot. My husband is very good in fixing stuff, and we like reusing stuff. So many of our furnitures are actually from used goods that have been fixed or just reused.

Craigstlist or Recycle Group is a good alternative to look for used or inexpensive stuff. From a pickling jars to a couch or bed sometimes. Though for the last two things, you have to be careful. Make sure they come from a clean home that have no bedbugs! If you are allergic to pets, make sure they come from a no-pet home.

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