Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3. Buy what is on sale and in season. 

Either it is vegetables, groceries, fruits, clothes, or most other things. Most of the time brand is not important. Quality and price is important. I know you say brand means quality! Not necessarily! I have "unknown" brand clothes that have really good quality. Choose what is most reasonable (not necessarily have to be the cheapest one), but choose a product or produce that have good value. And most important, what you can afford.

Now once in a while,  it is more reasonable to buy an expensive product. I know a friend of mine (who is a teacher and has to stand on her feet most day) bought a pair of expensive Morgan shoes because she knows she would wear them every day for maybe 10 years. That is a good purchase. Eventhough she bought them also after knowing that she can afford them.

You also sometimes have to check the price of products or produce in two or three different stores. Sometimes you will find out that one store sells the same product for half price than the others.

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