Wednesday, December 31, 2014

7. Saving in Food

 - Buy in bulk or big quantity whatever you eat a lot if possible. Many things are cheaper if you buy them in bulk. For instance, I always buy rice in 25 or 50 pounds bag because I eat rice quite often. Therefore I don't need to go buy them often and it is much cheaper. It seems like I have to pay more at first, but in the end I would save money.

 - It also makes a difference to buy what are on sale and in season. Because most of the fruits or/and vegetables that are in season are abundant in market  and usually on sale.

 - Buy ready-made food. Do you want a nice dinner but don't want to cook so much. Most dinner cost from above $10 per person. Why not buy a ready made food from Trader Joe's or get a takeout? You can combine it with your own cooking. For instance, recently I combine ready made chicken teriyaki with rice or potatoes and steamed broccoli and corn. One package of Chicken teriyaki ($4.99) can be extended into 4 dinners or even 6 lunches.

 - Cook your own meal. You know what you put in your food and how you want to cook it. It is easy to learn how to cook. All you need is an interest to have fun doing it.

Cooking is basically mixing 3 things together: main ingredient (meat and/or vegetables), spices, and cooking oil. The subtle things you need to learn is how to mix the right ingredients with the right spices in the right way. If you do it for the first time, try a simple recipe. And don't get discouraged if it doesnt turn out so well. Simply try again. Nowadays I like my own cooking compared to the food from a restaurant. Because I know what I put in there and I can cook it the way I want it. You also don't need to tip anyone, eat at your leisure, and... you can put your feet up while enjoying your meal! Sometimes I go out too to a restaurant. For special occasion like birthday or get together with friends in a chilly day in winter. I usually go to an Indian buffet restaurant, because I can enjoy food that I cannot or would not make it myself.

-  Grow your own produce is very good, especially if you enjoy gardening and eating organic food. Gardening is good for your body and soul, also benefit your pocket. : )

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