Sunday, December 7, 2014

2. Pay off your bills.

It is important to pay off what you owe from your credit card or your other bills (gas and electrics, phone, insurance, and others) before its due date. It is easier to do it by staying within your budget and keeping track of your spending. I always keep the receipts of all my purchases and take notes of how much I spend every week. That's how I know if I overspend my budget and compensate for next week. If you use your credit card, then you can probably keep track of it from the bill. But the bill usually comes monthly, which too late. For myself, I find it quicker if I calculate all of my weekly expense from the receipts.

If you decide to do it from the bill, you can do it every month. But DO read your bill! Your debt won't just go away because you don't see it. Pay off your debt before its due time so you won't have to pay any interest. If you don't pay off what is due, then you will have to pay more from what you spend. Now that is wasting money! You work more to pay for that. The more often you do it, the more you have to pay. The more you have to work just to pay for the interest. All because you're not discipline enough to keep track of your spending and pay your bill. Because you're not discipline enough to stay within your budget or patient enough to wait until you have enough money to spend. The choice is yours. Work more for nothing or get just enough for what you need.

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